It's been a long time since I was here. Years. I'm over at Blogspot now. I came back here to check out my old pages and look at all the crappy spammers who stopped by leaving their garbage. What idiots.

They have nothing better to do - how shameful, how sad for their lives.

Me? I'm flourishing. At least I HAD a legit reason for coming here.

Off to Disneyland and SoCal

Joe and I are from Palos Verdes:

Every now and again we get the urge to go home, see the beautiful oasis of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and drive the streets, pass the houses we grew up in.

Here we go again for spring break.

Like in October, when we were last there. You can't beat SoCal for convenience, price and memories.
The kids will enjoy our trip through memory lane. But they'll also enjoy our three days at the Magic Kingdom.

Anorexic Writing.

So my last post was about writing even when words don't come. I have to admit, this week I was bungled with a zillion distractions. Today is going to be the same.

If I was left to eat the words I'd written this week, I'd be anorexic at the keyboard. Does that tell you anything?

Here's to a better next week. Fatter.

When Words Don't Come...

Every author faces this. Call it block or whatever you want. I'm too compelled to write to stop for anything - except family crises. So, when I hit a spot where the muse SLOWS, I keep going.

Like in book 3. I'm HEAPING crud on Zoe. HEAPING. Can things get worse for her? You betcha. The fire's up and she's going to get scalded. I don't let the worries of "Oh, is this over the top? Maybe I should rein in..." or stuff like that sway me, or cause me to stop in wonderment. Forget that. Movement is the only thing that keeps words flowing. Scenes blooming.

Chapters solidify under pressure.

Next time you hit the wall, write anyway. See where it gets your characters. Usually, the more intense my environment, the more pleased I am with my creative output.

Who Are You??

I have to laugh every time I add readers on Facebook or MYSpace who send me these: Do I know you? Who are you?

I'm not offended. But look, my avatars on both of those places are BOOK COVERS. Hello????


Never say never

I said I was done submitting to agents. And I am. I'm not eating my words here ( no indigestion, PUHlease ) one agent who read HEAVENLY months back asked if he could read some of my other stuff.

SHORE I said. I sent him A Season of Eden and Falling for Romeo - in book form - and told him it was more economical for me to send those versions than to $pend on manu$cript copies and in today's economy, who could disagree with saving $$??

He liked EDEN and now, the wait begins...